There was no DC Games 2009??!

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There was no DC Games 2009??!

Post  sarah_alona on Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:03 pm

This is Sprouse Bros's fan mail:
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HA HA HA HA, I read that CRAP on the SPOOF!! People got some immature imaginations out there, Sorry you have to go through all that, but you are probley amused by it's ignorance!!

I'm still wondering if U will be on DC GAMES in 2009? Will Matt/Debbie be competing as well...

That would be awesome 2 see u in a dance-off event..U got better moves than any High School Musical person!! LOL =)

I hope you and ur family have fun on summer vacation...We are comming to L.A. for a few weeks...That will be an adventure.

Can u comment on Dananimals commerical? Whatcha gonna do with the winner???

I hope u answer these sometime!!! U & Cole & Matt R GREAT!!! Does Matt have his own fan site? (HE NEEDS ONE!)

I googled his name on wikipedia and his info was deleted..LOOK IT UP SOMETIME WHEN U CAN. I wish someone would fix that, I would like to read about him too.

well hope 2 c u at DC GAMES 2009!!!!! LOVE YA' ALL (Family/doggies/friends) Are all the dogs male?

That was an awesome response to 4giveninnc, he sounds like a super dad!!! U do give us parents something to enjoy laughing w/our kids (besides cartoons)It's not the writers materials, it's ur smiles and wonderful acting, that makes us laugh!!
u have a bueatiful family...thanks 4 sharing.

Dylan reply:
There was no DC Games 2009. Disney didn't do it. Instead some stars are doing the Disney Cruise thing but Cole and I aren't cuz we'll be busy with other plans. Matt doesn't have his own site yet, its really sad. *Tear*. Maybe Matt is just too cool for a site.



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